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Summer Fishing

Summer-Fishing-Door-County“Silver Strike” is operated by Captain Andy Isaacson who has over 20 year’s charter fishing experience and crew. Our 31 Tiara Open is fully rigged with all the newest technology and gear to make reeling in that trophy salmon as exciting and memorable as possible. The crew’s goal is for everyone onboard to have a safe, enjoyable and productive fishing excursion.

The Silver Strike runs every day during the summer which allows us to track the fish with superb precision. Our captains are highly skilled professionals with many hours on the water which contributes to maintaining those unique skills. Returning guests like seeing familiar faces too! Captain Andy and the team know the exact spots, lures, speeds, and techniques to ensure the largest possible catch for you. Whether you are an expert fisherman or a novice, we guarantee that you will have a great time.

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Silver Strike Fishing Summer Months

Join us in early spring to catch beautiful German Brown Trout. We troll around the shoals and reefs of Baileys Harbor as the water starts to warm. You will see some beautiful fish and scenery as we troll the shoreline of Door County. A few Lake Trout and Rainbow Trout can be found during the end of this month.

As the waters of Lake Michigan continue to warm up, the Skamania Rainbow Trout (Steel Head) follow the temperature breaks off shore. They tend to school up in these breaks and feed off bugs and small baitfish on the surface of the water. We use planer boards and surface lines to hunt these fish. The rainbows put on a magnificent display of aerial acrobatics as you hook up with multiple fish at a time. The Chinook Salmon also start to show up in early June and school around the thermalclines as well. There are some pods of nice size Lake Trout running with these Rainbows and Kings.

Towards the end of June the Chinook Salmon can be found lurking in the deep waters outside of Baileys Harbor. We use downriggers, dipsy divers, lead core, Copper line and wire line to get down to the Salmon target range. Known as the best fighters, we are sure you will enjoy hooking up with one of these beauties. Rainbow Trout, Lake Trout and Brown Trout are mixed in with the Salmon.

These months consist of great Salmon and Trout action.

This is the last month of operations and we aim to catch Salmon, Steel Head and Brown Trout.

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May – June 30:
1-2 people – $400
3-4 people – $500
5-6 people – $600

(additional 5.5% sales tax)

These rates are based on private boat 5-hour charters. If you would like to join with others to bring the price down, we can do our best to find other individuals. If grouped with others, you will be charged based on the number of people onboard and split that cost between you.

July 1 – Aug. 20:
Private Boat – $675
3 Hour Midday Private Boat – $500
Per person rate – $135

(additional 5.5% sales tax)

When booking a reservation on board The Silver Strike, you have a couple of options in July and August. You may rent a private boat for one flat rate and take anywhere from 1-6 people on board. If that is not what you are looking for, then we do offer an individual rate option as well. You will be charged the per-person rate, and mixed groups are only 5-hour trips. You will be paired up with another group/groups with a maximum of six people on the boat. We run 5-hour charters around sunrise and sunset when the fishing is generally the best. The 3-hour trip is a midday trip which is generally not as good fishing as the sunrise or sunset trip, but we generally still catch fish.

1-3 Person Private Boat – $500
4 Person Private Boat – $550
5-6 Person Private Boat – $600

(additonal 5.5% sales tax)
These rates are based on private boat 5 hour charters.  If you would like to join others to bring the price down we can do our best to find other individuals.  If grouped with others you will be charged based on the number of people and split that cost between you.


We accept cash, check, Visa, Mastercard and Discover. There is a cancelation policy of 1 week’s notice before the scheduled charter – any time after you will be charged.

We provide all the necessary fishing equipment including rods, reels and tackle. Fish packing and freezing is also available at the local fish market for about $5/fish or we can filet and bag them for you.

What to bring

  1. Wisconsin Fishing License w/ Great Lakes Stamp (two-day license optional) must be obtained before fishing, available at WDNR Online Licensing Center (phone 877.945.4236)
  2. Camera (recommended)
  3. Cooler for your catch
  4. Rain gear (if necessary)
  5. Jacket and Sunglasses
  6. Food and beverages
  7. If you are prone to motion sickness, please take any sea-sickness medication in advance of the charter.


Our 31-foot Tiara is the “ultimate fishing machine”
Summer-Fishing-Door-County…with an overall length of 35 feet, is truly one of the best boats in Door County.  Tiara boats are built for the ocean and are made with extreme durability.  Our vessel is powered by twin inboard Mercruiser 454’s providing over 750 horsepower to get you to the “hotspot” in a hurry.  When we hook up 3-5 fish at once, we can efficiently work the 12 foot beam to help you land all of the fish.  There is an enclosed bathroom and couch below as well!

Not only is The Silver Strike fully outfitted for your convenience, but it is fully loaded with all of the equipment you will need to catch fish.  All of our reels and rods are top of the line Shimano Tekota and Talora series. This includes our wire dipsy diver reels and rods, braided dipsy’s, lead core setups, copper setups, downrigger rods and reels. We operate Humminbird GPS/Fish finders, Raymarine radar, Fish Hawk temperature probe, Canon Electric downriggers, Lee 20 foot outriggers and more!

We provide all of the tackle needed whether it is the newest products on the market or the good old faithfuls! At the end of the day all you need to bring is a few personal items listed under the rates table and we provide the rest!  Here are updated 2016 pictures of the boat!

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